How to Share the World’s Natural Resources between Humans and All other Species for All Time

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

This article is the tenth in a series of eleven short papers that address how we can use ‘market mechanisms’ to better share the world’s resources, without destroying the biosphere upon which all life depends; now and into the future.

Taken by Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) on March 9, 2016 Orbiting from a million miles (1.6 million km) away

If the Earth was only a few hundred meters in diameter,

floating above a field somewhere,

people would come from everywhere to marvel at it.

They would walk around it,

admiring the large and small pools,

and the water falling and flowing in between

In awe, they’d examine under their microscopes

the bumps and hollows,

the fascinating tiny humans and creatures of every kind

living on the surface,

and in the water, as well as the

those flying and buzzing in the almost imperceptible halo of air around it

all sustained by an abundant diversity of microscopic plants…

the patterns of clouds and storms
swirling in the thin blue haze surrounding it,

lit by lightning, resonant with thunder

and the sounds and scents of all life.

It would surely astound them.

The ball would be the greatest wonder known.

People would want to protect it…

Because it was the only one.

…By Anonymous (with some modifications)

Or, as others have said: there is no ‘Planet B’

As noted at the start of this series, COVID-19 has shown that when the threat is wide-spread and our actions can make an immediate and measurable impact, human beings will act with urgency to protect both life and well-being in ways previously unthinkable.

First we shape our systems, then our systems shape us.

We just have to show that the proposed system changes benefit us all: rich and poor; present and future generations, humans and all life.



Once was a Seeker

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